Trains will run at the speed of 200 on the Delhi-Howrah route

Trains will run at the speed of 200 on the Delhi-Howrah route

If all goes well, then in the coming days from Prayagraj, the capital of the country, Delhi can be reached by train in just three to three and a half hours. This will be possible with the operation of light aluminum body trains in the near future. Lucknow-based Research Designs and Standards Organization (RDSO) has designed a low-weight aluminum body for a semi-high speed train capable of running at a speed of 200 kmph. The special thing is that its trial will be held in the Prayagraj Division of North Central Railway (NCR). The trial may take place in this financial year.

Actually, the movement of most trains in the country is on the Delhi-Howrah route. For this reason, in order to increase the speed of trains on this route, the emphasis of the Railways is only on improving the infrastructure here. At present, preparations are on in full swing to increase the maximum speed of trains to 160 kmph on the Delhi-Howrah route. Meanwhile, after RDSO has designed the low-weight aluminum body of the semi-high speed train, train operation on this route at a maximum speed of 200 km will be started in the coming time.

Last week, RDSO Director General Sanjeev Bhutani shared information about aluminum body coaches. Only after this, the procurement process for preparing the train set has started. In the first phase, 100 train sets designed by RDSO will be made. Preparations have been made to conduct its trial in the Prayagraj division. In Train-18 (Vande Bharat) where there is only AC chair, then a comfortable berth (sleeper) will be provided to the passengers in this aluminum body coach.

Then the journey of Howrah will be decided in five hours
It is being told that 100 train sets will be made on the design of RDSO. At present, many express trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi on the Delhi-Howrah, and Delhi-Mumbai routes run at a maximum speed of 130 mph, and in the Agra-Mathura section, Gatimaan Express runs at a maximum speed of 160 kmph. After the arrival of the aluminum body train set, if the speed of the train becomes 200 km per hour, then the journey from Prayagraj to Howrah will also be completed in just five hours.

Prayagraj Mandal is quite big. There is also a lot of train movement here. For this reason, trials can be conducted by RDSO in the Prayagraj division in the coming time. However, this decision has to be taken by RDSO only. Mohit Chandra, DRM, Prayagraj Division

This is a big project. The aluminum body train sets will be made from any one production unit of the Railways. It will be fixed soon. Only after the set arrives, its trial can be taken in Prayagraj Mandal and other places.

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