Treatment of disease and fear in the Kovid period with a dose of affection

Treatment of disease and fear in the Kovid period with a dose of affection

 On the ninth day of worship of Adishakti, we worship the form of Goddess who bestows the attainment of public welfare with knowledge, strength, intelligence. This form of mother is also considered to give freedom from disease and fear. For the last one and a half years, women doctors who have been fighting Kovid infection are engaged in public welfare and service work similar to their mother's form. One of them is Dr Minali Gupta, resident of the Department of Anesthesia, Baba Raghav Das (BRD) Medical College, Gorakhpur. In the second wave, when the fear was more than the first wave, many doctors were avoiding touching and seeing the patient, then Dr. Minali was calm and engaged in freeing people from disease and fear.

Self-deployed in ICU in the second wave

In the second wave of Kovid infection, which became serious from April 2021, there was so much fear in the minds of people that even in the air, people were locked in their homes assuming the virus. The infection was spreading rapidly. All five hundred beds of the only Level 3 Kovid Hospital built in BRD Medical College to admit very serious patients were filled in a few days. On an average, there was one death every hour. Many doctor-staff were busy in getting their duty removed from the Kovid ward and Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Few people dared to go inside. In such a situation, Dr. Minali Gupta got posted twice in Kovid ICU. For the first time from April 15 to 30, he did duty in Kovid ICU. Around 200 patients were treated during this period.

She herself got infected, recovered and did her duty again

On May 3, Dr. Minali herself got infected. His oxygen level had come down to 82 while the lung infection level had reached 60 percent. He himself had to be admitted to the ICU till May 28. After being discharged, rested for a few days, then from June 15 to 30, took deployment in Kovid ICU.

It was necessary to understand the words of patients in gestures

Giving medicines on time to the patients, talking to them, asking about their movements and most importantly, understanding their need in gestures and making them feel that I understand, was very important. Did it and I am happy that I was successful in this exam. My husband Dr. Avneesh boosted my morale.

self-medication help

During the second wave of deployment in the high period of infection, Dr. Minali boosted the self-confidence of the patients admitted to the ICU with home care and a dose of affection. Dr. Minali says that in the second wave it seemed that every person passing by was infected. It was necessary for people to stay away from the infected person, but it was also necessary that negative feelings should not be allowed in the patients. Self-confidence should be increased. It should be made aware that he is among the family members. This could not have happened by staying away from the patients. The relatives of the patients were not with them. There were many patients who could not even eat medicine from their hands. Then as a doctor I chose not to survive, but to fight. This is my responsibility. Studied for this. Took training. I cannot run in times of crisis.

Ninth: Mother Siddhidatri

It is clear from the name itself, the one who gives everything to the children, gives to the society. This form is a symbol of knowledge and understanding. Symbolizes strength with intelligence. Women who provide direction with their experience, knowledge and philosophy have a vision of this form of mother.

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Meerut: After Major subjects, CBSE has now released datesheet of minor subjects

Meerut: After Major subjects, CBSE has now released datesheet of minor subjects

 After releasing the datesheet of major subjects for the term-one exam of this session by CBSE, now the datesheet of minor subjects has also been released. According to the information given earlier by CBSE, the datesheet of minor subjects has been sent to the schools. The exams for the minor subjects will be conducted by the schools in the school itself before the major subjects.

Minor subjects class 12 exam 16 and class 10 exam from 17 November

Minor subjects prescribed by CBSE are taught in different regions across the country. So not all exams will be held in every district. The examination for the same subjects will be conducted in the district in which the subject is taught. In the examination of minor subjects, class 12th examination is starting on November 16 and class 10th examination is starting on November 17. The 10th class exam will end on 7th December. The last paper of the 12th examination will be held on December 30. After November 17, the datesheet for class X minor subjects will have papers on November 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29 a

The number of minor subjects in class XII is very high

The minor subjects of class XII are very high. Their exams will start on November 16, followed by November 17, 18, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30 and will be held on December 2, 3, 4 and 6. This will be followed by a long break and then the papers of minor subjects will be held on December 23, 27, 28, 29 and 30. CBSE has prepared the datesheet of minor subjects by incorporating the datesheet of major subjects. There will be examinations for class XII major subjects along with the paper of minor subjects of class X. At the same time, along with the minor subjects of class XII, there will be an examination for the major subjects of class X. For the examination of minor subjects CBSE will send the question paper, but the examination will be conducted entirely by the school management.

CBSE extended the exam time by one hour in the morning

Due to winter season, CBSE has extended the exam time by one hour in the morning. Now instead of starting from 10:30 am, the exam will start at 11:30 am. Apart from this, the detailed information related to the examination for the students will be in the admit card. Apart from the admit card, information will be provided by the school and CBSE from time to time. 

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