UP budget 2021: CM Yogi's big gift to farmers and laborers, declaration of financial help

UP budget 2021: CM Yogi's big gift to farmers and laborers, declaration of financial help

The Yogi government presented the budget for the financial year 2021-22 on Monday. In this last budget of CM Yogi's tenure, big announcements have been made for farmers and laborers. The government claimed that during the Corona period, the government transported 40 lakh migrants to their homes. Apart from this, 12 thousand students trapped in Kota were also brought back safely. Also, 700 crore rupees have been announced to provide free water to farmers. The budget also promises to give loans to farmers at a discounted price.

Finance Minister Suresh Khanna, while reading the budget, announced that more productive crops will be identified in the state. Farmer production organizations will be established at the block level. 100 crore rupees will also be given for this. He said that the government's goal is to double the income of farmers.

Financial assistance given to 20 lakh laborers

The government provided employment to a large number of people. During the Corona period, 40 lakh laborers were brought back to the state. Financial assistance extended to 20 lakh laborers. Increased speed of Karona test. With this, the Yogi government did a better job in every field. The year 2020 was challenging. The government employed more than 8 crore workers.

How many budgets received

-Knya Sumngl plan 1,200 crore
-mahila power stations to 32 million Pradesh Rs 700 crore for the canals
32 crore for the Digital Health Mission
-purwancl expressway Rs 1107 crore
for -nirmanadhin Medical Colleges 950 Rs. Crore -
25 Crores for Village in Village -
Facility of Free Hostel in Sanskrit Schools -
Provision of 600 Crores for Insurance -
20 Crores for Adhikar Chamber
- Announcement of 101 Crores for Ayodhya Airport

Financial assistance of five lakhs was given to the farmers who died in road accident. Mukhyamantri Abhyodaya Yojana was started. Water, electricity and banking facilities will be available in every household. The details of the budget presented by the Yogi government year after year - The first budget was presented in the financial year 2017-18 for 3.84 lakh crore. There was a budget of 3.84 lakh crore in the financial year 2017-18. There was a budget of 4.28 lakh crores in 2018-19. There was a budget of 4.79 lakh crore in 2019-20. A budget of 5.12 lakh crore rupees was presented in 2020-21.

Ease of Living Index: 14 cities of UP good for living, Lucknow and Varanasi at the top, see the complete list

Ease of Living Index: 14 cities of UP good for living, Lucknow and Varanasi at the top, see the complete list

According to Ease of Living Index, 14 cities of Uttar Pradesh are considered better in terms of living in the country. The capital Lucknow is the top among them (Lucknow On Top). Lucknow is among the top cities which are the best to live in, while Varanasi has got the second ranking in this matter. If we talk about small cities, Jhansi is at the top in this matter (Jhansi On Top). According to the ranking of the country, Lucknow was ranked 26th in big cities, Varanasi 27th and Jhansi 34th in smaller cities.

According to the Union Urban Development Ministry's 'Ease of Living' index, a total of 111 cities across the country have been included. With this, the Municipal Council Performance Index has also been released. In this, 14 cities of UP have got a place, of which Lucknow is at the top. The survey was conducted by the Union Urban Development Ministry in two categories. The first survey of cities with a population of more than one million and the second, cities with less than one million population were included in it.

Ranking with a population of over 1 million

If we talk about the ranking with a population of more than 10 lakhs, then Lucknow-26, Varanasi-27, Kanpur- 28, Ghaziabad-30, Prayagraj-32, Agra-35, Meerut-36, Bareilly-47th. is.

Ranking with population less than 1 million

On the other hand, if we talk about cities with less than 10 lakh population, then Jhansi-34, Moradabad-38, Rae Bareli-40, Saharanpur-44, Aligarh-58, Rampur-59th place. The expenditure on urban development is also decided on the basis of this list. This list of cities is prepared on the basis of 15 standards such as identity, culture, education, health, security, economy, affordable housing, land planning, parks, transport, water supply.

 Municipal Council Index (population over 1 million)

Varanasi-13, Bareilly-14, Ghaziabad-20, Agra-24, Meerut-29, Kanpur-36, Lucknow-33, Prayagraj-37th, according to the Municipal Council Index with more than 10 lakh population.

 Municipal Council Index (population less than 10 lakhs)

On the other hand, if we talk about the Municipal Council Index with a population of less than 10 lakh, then Jhansi - 9, Moradabad - 31 Rae Bareli - 38, Saharanpur - 22, Aligarh - 29, Rampur - is at 44th position.

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