UP guy is fined Rs 1,000 and drives an Audi while wearing a helmet

When a guy from Uttar Pradesh was fined Rs 1,000 for operating an Audi without a helmet, it left him perplexed. He now drives a vehicle with a helmet on.


A message was sent to Bahadur Singh Parihar informing him that the traffic police in Jhansi had stopped his automobile. He was left scratching his head when he went to the Parivahan website to find out why he had been punished.

UP guy wearing a helmet drives an Audi

His penalties for operating a two-wheeler without a helmet was Rs 1,000. A two-wheeler was shown in a picture on the Challan. On the challan, the vehicle was classified as a motor car, however.

Parihar was informed that the issue will be resolved after the Lok Sabha elections when he sought the traffic police personnel.

The Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha elections will end on June 1st, and the vote-counting ceremony is set for June 4th.

fined for operating a vehicle without a helmet
Parihar has made the decision to wear a helmet until the issue is settled in order to prevent being challenged again.

I received a ticket for operating a vehicle without a helmet on. What should I do if I have to drive while wearing a helmet? Driving would need me to wear a helmet,” Parihar told NDTV.

“The traffic police authorities have informed me that they will address the issue following the elections,” he said.

There have been similar incidents in the past. An Aligarh man was challaned for not wearing a helmet while driving his automobile in 2019, therefore he began wearing one. He was issued a Rs 500 e-challan for operating a four-wheeler without a helmet.

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