UP to Punjab and Punjab to UP 'play' is over, will Bahubali Mukhtar Ansari get full punishment now?

UP to Punjab and Punjab to UP 'play' is over, will Bahubali Mukhtar Ansari get full punishment now?

Bahubali MLA Mukhtar Ansari has shifted from Punjab (Punjab) to UP (UP) Jail (Jail) like a VIP. From Ropar in Punjab to Banda Jail in UP, he was brought in an impenetrable security shield for about fourteen hours. But the worry is that what will happen next? Will Bahubali MLA Mukhtar Ansari get the full punishment after the UP to Punjab and Punjab to UP games? Will this vicious cycle of politics and crime be broken? And like Mukhtar, will others also get the lesson to follow this path? This is worrying because so far a total of 52 cases have been registered against the mafia Mukhtar Ansari. These include murder, attempt to murder, conspiracy, cheating, gangster act and all the cases of making property illegally. These cases are in Ghazipur, Varanasi, Mau and Azamgarh districts. Apart from UP, there are cases against Mukhtar in Delhi, Punjab and Bihar as well.

Now you also reverse the history sheet of Mukhtar. So that it can be known that what are the major crimes registered in his name. Contractor Manna Singh Double Murder Case in Mau, Case of murder of Congress leader Ajay Rai's brother Awadhesh Rai in Varanasi, firing on road contractor and death of laborer in Azamgarh, Prayagraj Ansari also in Prayagraj MP-ML Special Court Lawsuits are pending. A case of forgery in his ambulance has also come to light from Ropar. That is, Mukhtar Ansari, whose life has been spent in jail for more than one and a half decade, which the public has elected five times MLA. Which was taken to Punjab from UP's prison till two years ago. What will be the roadmap for further action on that? In fact, the most serious charge against Mukhtar was the murder of BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai. In which he was acquitted by the court. In such a situation, the question arises that what will happen next to Mukhtar Ansari after coming to UP jail from Punjab? Will just such a criminal get complete punishment by just taking the sentence behind bars?

Mukhtar escaped every time!

A day before Mukhtar Ansari came out of Ropar jail. So he came out riding on a wheel chair. When Banda reached jail. So he went to the barrack on foot. Didn't even look at the wheelchair. However, this picture could not be captured in the camera. But the question arises whether Mukhtar's illness got touched as soon as he reached Banda. Or did the wind of his power go away? Here you go with a little flashback. There was a time when Mafia don Mukhtar Ansari's weight was used in UP. The government used to be with anyone. The coin used to run by Mukhtar Ansari. Do not know how many such serious crimes came to his name. But every time he escaped. Allegations also seemed that even while in jail, he continued to decorate the court. He used to control the world of his crime through a mobile phone from jail itself. But the time changed and after the year 2017, the crime and criminals started hardening in UP.

In Mafia Mukhtar Ansari 2017, he was elected MLA on Bahujan Samaj Party ticket. But when the BJP government came to power in UP, the government patronage of Mukhtar Ansari was snuffed out. So death started dancing in front of the eyes of the accused of killing all the people. He started threatening his life. Then he started searching for a safe place. He did not feel safe in Banda jail of UP. After all, he made a plan to get out from there. In January 2019, a builder from Punjab was called by the name of Mukhtar. The builder alleged that he had been asked for extortion of Rs 10 crore and threatened to kill him for not paying extortion money. After this, the Punjab police registered a case in Mohli and the police team from Punjab reached UP with a production warrant as soon as the case was registered. The extent is that the UP administration did not even try to know whether Mukhtar had called or not? The voice sample was not even mixed. Permission was obtained from the Banda court and the UP police deliberately allowed Mukhtar to go to Punjab on 21 January 2019. On 24 January 2019, Mukhtar was produced in the Mohali Court and after that Mukhtar Ansari's new home became Ropar Jail in Punjab. Later, the UP government took the matter seriously. And the officer of Banda jail was suspended.

40 attempts to bring Mukhtar back

After this, the UP government tried at least 40 times to bring Mukhtar back, but every time there was a hindrance in the patronage of Punjab government. Dozens of times, the Punjab Police did not send UP to Mukhtar as medically unfit. Sometimes sugar or sometimes BP, and sometimes Dawn was described as a victim of depression. In the last 27 months, Mukhtar received 54 dates for his appearance, but he did not appear even once by making some excuse. Meanwhile, the UP police went to Punjab to bring Mukhtar eight times in two years. But every time, due to hiccups of Punjab Police, he was returned empty-handed. The situation became such that the UP government had to knock the door of the Supreme Court. On 26 March, the top court ordered Mukhtar to be sent to UP. After which Mukhtar left Ropar in the impregnable security cordon on 6 April. Reached Banda on the morning of 7 April.

Because in the year 2005, after BJP MLA Krishnanand murder case, he came into limelight most. Then there were 13 accused and 70 witnesses, including Mukhtar Ansari in this case. The case was transferred from Ghazipur in UP to CBI in Delhi. But no offense could be proved against any accused. All the accused, including Mukhtar, were acquitted of this heinous murder. So now how can we assume that the crime will be proved in the remaining cases against Mukhtar Ansari. Will he get complete punishment? Although the situation is different in UP now. In the Yogi government, strict action has been taken against Mukhtar and his helpers. The government has attached the assets of Mukhtar from the illegal business under the Gangster Act. Illegal constructions were dropped. The assets worth about 200 crores of Mukhtar and his associates have been sealed or frozen. 98 accused of Mukhtar gang have been arrested. And 72 weapons licenses of this gang have also been canceled. Overall, this government is not in the mood to show softness towards Mukhtar at least. Now let us go with the bandana. Where Mukhtar has once again reached the jail.

Mukhtar kept in loneliness barracks

After traveling 881 km in fourteen hours and 16 minutes, the convoy of UP police reached the gate of Banda jail with Mukhtar at 4.50 am. So the rest of the vehicles stopped outside. The ambulance Mukhtar was riding in. She went inside the jail. Mukhtar Ansari was first to be placed in Barrack No. 15 of Banda Jail. But after arriving, he was placed in isolation in barrack number 16. After reaching the jail, Mukhtar underwent a medical test. After which he bathed and then went to sleep in his barrack. The barrack that Mukhtar is in is 10 feet long. 10 feet wide and 11 feet high. A prisoner has been made fit in it. A washroom is also built in this barrack. Since the rest of the prisoners are not known here, it is also called loneliness barracks. And the entire barrack is being monitored with CCTV camera.

After the shifting of Mukhtar Ansari, the security of the entire Banda jail has also been increased. Rummage is being monitored through CCTV. A drone camera, 5 body warne cameras and 30 additional security personnel have been deployed for security. It is said that every jail staff going around Mukhtar will be equipped with body warne camera so that a conversation and behavior between him and Mukhtar can be recorded. A drone camera has also been sent from Lucknow to monitor the jail. Here, give you one more information that the name of the operation which brought Mukhtar from Punjab to Banda was- Secret Mission Banda. On whose success CM Yogi also praised the policemen involved in this mission. They will also be honored further.

UP Night Curfew: Do not go out in these 9 districts at night, after 9 o'clock, if you are seen on the streets, this strict action will be taken

UP Night Curfew: Do not go out in these 9 districts at night, after 9 o'clock, if you are seen on the streets, this strict action will be taken

Night curfew has been imposed in 9 cities in view of the outbreak of UP Corona Infection. During the night curfew, those who are found to be breaking the rules, will take strict action on them (Action Taken Against Break Rules). Legal action will be taken under the epidemic act on people who break the rules. The names of Noida, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Bareilly and Sahanarpur have also been added to the cities with night curfew.

The announcement of the night curfew in Varanasi, Lucknow, Kanpur and Prayagraj was made on Wednesday itself. On behalf of the Yogi government, it was said that in places where the corona has more than 500, the District Magistrate can take the decision of Night Curfew Because of Corona Infection. In cases of corona infection, Bareilly is going ahead these days. More than 100 infection cases are being reported every day. The government and administration are doing everything possible to control the situation. Night curfew is also the result of these efforts. Night curfew will be effective from today in Bareilly.

'No restriction on essential work'

There will be no restriction on the necessary work during the night curfew. Employees working in night shifts will be allowed to come and go by showing their I-cards. Along with this, night shift will also continue in the industrial factories as before. There is no prohibition of any kind on medicine, milk and other brocades. At the same time, all schools up to class 12 have been closed in view of the corona infection. This order will be effective till 20 April. A further decision will be taken after reviewing the situation.

Strict action on breaking the rules of night curfew

On Thursday itself, the District Magistrates of Noida and Ghaziabad had also issued orders to impose night curfew in these areas. Night curfew will remain in Noida and Ghaziabad till April 17, the timing of which is also from 10 pm to 5 am the next morning. However, there will be no restriction on essential services and facilities during this period and passengers will also be able to travel by showing rail and air tickets. Strict action will be taken against those who break the rules.

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