Uttar Pradesh: After a scooter struck a property dealer’s vehicle in Lucknow, stones were thrown and bullets were fired | VIDEO

Uttar Pradesh: On Tuesday, May 14, a student’s scooter in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, skidded against a vehicle on the way home. They were headed home after picking up his five-year-old brother from school when the event happened.

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Yesterday, after beating the two brothers, the car’s owner, Harsh Upadhyay, and his pals followed them to their residence in Lucknow’s Ishwari Khera neighborhood. A student’s scooter collided with a property dealer’s automobile in the PGI Kotwali district of Lucknow, setting off a violent altercation that included gunfire and stone-throwing.

They called around 40 to 50 individuals once they arrived. A video soon showed stones being hurled by both sides. There was a guy shooting a rifle that he was wearing in a safari outfit. Four shots, according to the witnesses, were fired. According to police sources, the ensuing fighting damaged two automobiles, and the wounded were taken to a hospital right away.

Police said that the gunman has been apprehended and that an investigation is still under progress.

Incidents of road rage

DCP East Prabal Pratap Singh reports that four suspects in the road rage incident have been taken into custody. Additionally, the weapon used to fire has been found. In the hospital, the wounded are receiving care. Strict action will be taken and a case will be lodged.

police said that the situation is under control and that there is tranquility in the neighborhood.

In this respect, further information is anticipated.

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