Uttar Pradesh: Man Kills Mother to Get Insurance Payout Despite Being in Debt From Online Gaming

According to NDTV, a guy from Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, choked his mother to death in order to collect her life insurance benefit and pay back the debts he had taken out to play games online.

As to the report, Himanshu, the accused, murdered his mother in order to get an insurance claim of Rs 50 lakh. After that, her corpse was disposed of in a jute bag close to the Yamuna river bank.

The accused was hooked to gaming on the well-known Zupee site, according to police, who spoke with NDTV.

Himanshu continued to play and borrow more after suffering many losses. He devised a strategy as soon as he realized he would need to repay around Rs 4 lakh.

Initially, he pilfered jewelry from his paternal aunt and purchased life insurance policies for his parents, each valued at Rs 50 lakh. When his father was away, he reportedly killed his mother Prabha by strangulation, according to the police. Then, in order to dispose of her corpse, he drove his tractor down the Yamuna riverbank.

Himanshu’s father, Roshan Singh, returned home after his visit to the Chitrakoot temple to discover his wife and son gone.

Upon speaking with his family and neighbors, he learned that his son had gone on the tractor close to the river.

After the corpse was found later close to Yamuna, Himanshu was taken into custody.

An investigation by the police uncovered the scheme he devised to kill his mother in order to pay off his debt. “The son killed his mother and went on the run.” Senior police officer Vijay Shankar Mishra told NDTV, “We caught him and uncovered the sinister crime.”

On the other hand, popular online gaming site Zupee advises players to play only for fun. As stated in its set of recommendations, the site emphasizes avoiding playing to make more money, impetuous gaming, and playing with borrowed cash.

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