Uttar Pradesh: Unidentified Bike-Borne Assailants Shoot Shopkeeper in Broad Daylight in Agra; CCTV Video Emerges

The police said on X, previously Twitter, that on Friday, May 17, at approximately 10 a.m., a shopkeeper in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, was shot in broad daylight by unknown bike-borne miscreants.



A CCTV camera placed at the business captured the event, and startling footage pertaining to people’s safety is being widely shared on social media. The accused Shahrukh and the shopkeeper reportedly had a personal falling out, and the shopkeeper threatened to shoot Shahrukh to death if the accused did not pay the demanded extortion money.

The victim, Aamir, was seated at his clothes store in Nagla Mewati, Agra, when Shahrukh and another unidentified guy rode up on a scooter and began shooting at him, according to 23 seconds of CCTV video. Furthermore, visible is the victim’s attempt to capture the accused by jumping on him. On the other hand, another accused was seen, fired, and fled on a bike.

Aamir’s health is said to be stable, and according to sources, the police have admitted him to the hospital. A squad has been assembled to apprehend the fugitive defendant.

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