Uttar Pradesh: When customers refuse to pay the toll, JCB removes the Chhajarsi Toll Plaza booths in Hapur; a video appears

A bulldozer destroyed toll booths in the Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh in an astonishing occurrence that has come to light. The source claims that in the event recorded at Chhajarsi Toll Plaza in Hapur, the operator of the bulldozer, who was supposed to pay the toll, went rogue and demolished two booths.



The Uttar Pradesh Police acted swiftly to apprehend the accused JCB operator after the viral social media footage of him destroying toll booths. The officers are seen taking the accused close to the police station in a video on X.

The event was recorded by the toll booth employee, and social media users were able to see the footage. The incident on Delhi-Lucknow Highway-9 was reported near the Chhijarsi toll plaza in the Pilkhuwa Kotwali region.

In the UP, JCB demolished toll plaza booths.

The building seems to be a toll booth in the popular film that surrounds it. Shouting that “a JCB is razing both booths for asking to pay a toll,” someone learned how to work as a toll collector. The bulldozer fled as he heard more: “JCB number is UP 14 KG 4255.”

Toll booth workers, however, were uninjured, and no injuries were recorded. The local police have been notified about the event, and the bulldozer operator is being sought.

“A JCB driver at the Chhijarsi toll plaza, which is under the control of Police Station Pilkhuwa, destroyed the toll booth using a JCB. Further legal action is being taken in regard to this, and a case has been lodged at Police Station Pilkhuwa,” said area officer Pilkhuwa.

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