Yogi Adityanath: Khalsa Panth Was Essential To The Fall of The Mughals

At a function held here on the occasion of Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Monday that the creation of the “Khalsa Panth” was crucial to the collapse of the Mughals.theindiaprint.com yogi adityanath khalsa panth was essential to the fall of the mughals download 202

According to an official government release, Adityanath said that while it was a time when strong rulers and Maharajas yielded to the Mughal control, the Sikh gurus freely defended the country and its religion on their own.

One of the main factors in the demise of the Mughal Sultanate was the creation of the “Khalsa Panth.” Sikhs are now found all across the globe, but the Mughals’ influence has vanished. Adityanath was cited as stating, “This is the path of truth and religion,” during a celebration marking Guru Nanak’s 554th “Parkash Parv,” or birth anniversary.

According to him, the Sikh gurus made sacrifices that protected both India and the religion, even outside of the “Khalsa Panth,” or Sikh community.

The government statement read, “Adityanath extended his best wishes to the people of the state on the occasion of ‘Guru Parv’, emphasizing ‘the exemplary qualities of renunciation, sacrifice, devotion, strength, and meditation demonstrated by the Sikh gurus,” which he said “serve as a model” for both the nation and the faith.

The chief minister emphasized the lessons of Guru Nanak’s worldwide influence, saying that his knowledge has not only influenced India but the whole globe.

Guru Nanak’s teachings have two aspects, according to Adityanath: one is for spiritual practice and the other is for the benefit of the people and the country.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji spoke out against Babar’s misdeeds at that time via devotion. He said, “Gurugu Nanak Dev Ji inspires us to break away from casteism and backward mindset.

He praised the hundreds of Sikhs who devoted their lives to the service of their nation and faith, including Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh, the “four Sahibzadas,” and others.

Adityanath said that it was an honor for him to plan the 2020 “Sahibzada Day” celebration in the chief minister’s mansion, which grew into a national occasion in 2022.

“They are unquestionably fulfilled when we proceed with genuine commitment. The voice from Lucknow spread throughout the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to observe December 26 as Veer Bal Diwas in order to satisfy the decades-long desire for a “Sahibzada Day.”

Together, let’s draw inspiration from our past. Additionally, keep in mind those heinous and sinister times when brutality reached unprecedented levels of horrors and barbarism,” he said.

The chief minister said, “This is a humble tribute to our Sikh gurus, who inspire us to face challenges,” and emphasized that it is the responsibility of every Indian and Sikh to build the foundation Guru Nanak built for a thriving country.

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