You can visit these beautiful places of Himachal for just Rs 5000

You can visit these beautiful places of Himachal for just Rs 5000

If you are also fond of visiting mountains, then definitely Himachal Pradesh will be included in your list. There are many such places in Himachal, which are full of natural beauty, and have taken their different specialties. Even if you have only Rs 5000 in your pocket, you can cover two-three bases here. So today we are going to know about these budget destinations.

1. Dharamsala
Dharamshala is the best place to visit both on the weekend and in the budget. Where the natural beauty will fascinate you. If you are fond of trekking, then do not miss the Triund Trek, apart from this there are monasteries and many cafes, where you can sit and spend two moments of relaxation.

2. Narkanda
By traveling some distance away from Shimla, you can reach Narkanda, which is not as crowded as Shimla, which means you can enjoy photography and many other types of adventures along with traveling comfortably. This place is also good for a solo trip. You can also enjoy skiing here in winter. Do not miss visiting Hatu Peak, Tani Jubbar Lake, and Narkanda Temple.

3. Parashar Lake
Parashar Lake is also included in the places to visit in Himachal on a low budget. But yes, you have to do some trekking to reach here. In winter this lake completely freezes. The beauty of the lake and its surroundings will make your trip memorable.

4. Bir-Billing
By the way, Bir-Billing is especially famous for paragliding among tourists. But apart from this, there is much to do and see here. You will find Buddhist monasteries in most places of Himachal. Where you can sit in peace and enjoy the beauty spread all around. One can also cover Palampur, Barot, and Andretta by coming here.

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