"100 Days Underwater": A Professor's Mission To Break A Record

"100 Days Underwater": A Professor's Mission To Break A Record

Many individuals dream of going deep sea diving. Even still, most people find the idea of truly living underwater to be a stretch, despite how much we value the beauty of the sea. Joseph Dituri, a professor at the University of South Florida, disagrees, however. Dituri, also known online as Dr Deep Sea, has made the unusual decision to live underwater for 100 days as part of an experiment. He wants to see how the experiment affects his body, after all. The unique biological experiment known as "Neptune 100" was started on March 1 by Dr. Deep Sea, and it will run through June 9.

From the beginning of the month, Dr. Deep Sea has been residing 30 feet beneath the surface. The 100 square foot habitat that the former U.S. Navy commander turned professor has moved into is situated around "two thousandths of a league beneath the water" at Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo. Neptune 100 will see Dituri living alone. The experiment's goals were stated in a video that the professor released.

Dituri is researching how the body reacts to intense pressure over an extended period of time. It's interesting to see that the professor hasn't neglected his duties to his pupils. Dr. Deep Sea will continue to provide online lectures for his biomedical engineering course.

To regularly check on Dr. Deep Sea's wellbeing, a group of medical experts will submerge themselves in the environment. The 55-year-old will undergo a battery of psychological, psychosocial, and physical exams prior to, during, and after Neptune 100.

Dr. Deep Sea said of the experiment, "I will be extensively watched since the human body has never spent that much time underwater. This research will look at all the ways this trip affects my body, but my null hypothesis is that because of the added pressure, my health will actually become better.

During the research, Dr. Deep Sea will test several cutting-edge technologies, such as an artificial intelligence device that can scan a person for ailments and assess whether or not treatment is required.

Joseph Dituri is pushing findings from a research that claimed that cells subjected to greater pressure quadrupled after five days, according to the University of South Florida. This suggests that higher pressure may enable people to live longer and avoid illnesses associated with aging. Dituri predicted that I would emerge from the experiment as super-human.

Dr. Deep Sea will compile a record of submerged life if he succeeds in his experiment. The two Tennessee academics who spent 73 days submerged in 2014 broke the previous world record.