3 year old Arjit found unclaimed on the road, luck opened! America will go from Bihar

3 year old Arjit found unclaimed on the road, luck opened! America will go from Bihar
It is said that whatever is written in a person's fate, he definitely gets it sooner or later. Something similar was seen in Danapur, Patna, the capital of Bihar, where a parent had left their child on the road unclaimed, but something else was acceptable to Honi. An abandoned child found on the street has now found parents in America. The three-year-old child will now go to the US and will be identified as an American citizen. The couple living in Washington, USA has adopted 3-year-old Arjit. The doctor couple from America already has 2 sons and a daughter. Now Arjit has also become his son.
The child was found abandoned 3 years ago
In fact, in the earned the year 2019, Vikram was found unclaimed in a village in the police station area. At that time the child's parents were searched a lot, but they could not be found. After this, it was handed over to a private institution for its care and protection. Here, Carlin Roy Miller, a doctor living in America, and his wife Catherine Suchilivan Miller wanted a child. When the eyes of this American couple fell on the child, they expressed their desire to adopt him.
America will earn after the paperwork
The organization informed the Danapur subdivisional officer about this. After getting information about the case, Danapur Sub-Divisional Officer Pradeep Singh agreed to the words of the American couple. The proceeds were then handed over to the American couple after completing the necessary paperwork. The child Arjit has adopted is a disabled person, since birth, his lip is cut and there is no wrist in his left hand.
Danapur Sub-Divisional Officer Pradeep Singh and Patna District Child Protection Unit's Assistant Director Uday Kumar were also present on the occasion. Singh said that after some paperwork, Arjit will now go to America.