56-year-old Security Guard Passes MSc Exam After 23 Attempts at Failure

A security guard, 56 years of age, just passed his MSc (Maths) test after 25 years of study, in an incredible story of tenacity and will. Rajkaran Baraua took the test twenty-three times and failed. His tale offers as a motivational illustration of never giving up on your six year old girl killed by charcoal four serious injuries from large scale fire i

Rajkaran Baraua held on to his love of mathematics in spite of facing financial difficulties, work instability, and a lack of support from his family. He faced several obstacles while working two shifts as a security guard and taking on odd jobs in order to get his master’s degree. His journey was not an easy one. As per a story, he faced setbacks, monetary difficulties, and even skepticism from individuals in his vicinity. He was nonetheless unwavering in his resolve.

The pivotal moment occurred in 2021 when Rajkaran finally passed his MSc test. But I was limited to celebrating in private. I threw myself a high five and leaped. But since my employers used to make fun of their kids by using me as an example, I was unable to go out and tell anybody. They would comment on his tenacity and how diligently he is learning for his age. I kept it to myself and celebrated discreetly so as not to upset them,” Rajkaran Baraua told. “I can tell people now that I’ve quit that job,” he said.

Rajkaran Baraua’s tale became more well-known over time, particularly when a Times of India article on him was released in 2015. During his difficult moments, the public’s and the media’s acknowledgement and support for him acted as a powerful motivator. “I was feeling down after failing at my eighteenth attempt, but after the report came out, people started to perceive me differently,” he said. TV networks came to find me. It was a really powerful motivator.

Rajkaran Baraua augments his monthly salary as a security guard by working as a helper at a bungalow, where he receives housing and food, even though he now earns Rs 5,000 per month. “I can barely make a living, but over the last 25 years, I believe I spent Rs 2 lakh on books, exam fees, and related expenses to get this MSc maths degree,” he said, revealing his financial struggles.

He went on, “Passing this test and getting called a postgraduate in mathematics was all I ever wanted.” In response to a question about his desire to remain single, Rajkaran joked, asking, “Who would have married me? In addition, I got wed to my ideal.

He has two master’s degrees. 1996 saw him get his MA. “I took my first MSc test in 1997 and didn’t pass. I would only pass one of the five topics for the following ten years, but I never quit up. I ignored what other people said and concentrated on my dream. I started passing in two after that. Ultimately, I passed both the first-year test in 2020—during the COVID-19 pandemic—and the second-year exam in 2021. I was thrilled, he said.

Rajkaran Baraua emphasized the value of perseverance and hard work in conquering obstacles. His incredible journey serves as a source of motivation for anybody encountering challenges while pursuing their goals.


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