A Chinese woman interrupts her ex-husband’s wedding because of unpaid alimony of Rs. 1.16 billion

A Chinese lady who attended her ex-husband’s wedding and carried a banner that said, “Accepting concubines on my husband’s behalf,” in reference to an unresolved divorce matter attracted notice. The event took place in China’s Sichuan Province, and the lady has been identified as having the last name Luo. She and her ex-husband, who goes by the last name Li, separated in 2019.

According to Red Star News, Li agreed to pay Luo 1 million yuan (Rs 1.16 crore) and 5,000 yuan (Rs 58,097) every month in addition to paying for her medical costs and business insurance up until she gets remarried. Li also gained custody of their daughter as part of the divorce settlement.

Li remarried in January of this year despite failing to make the agreed-upon payment of compensation. When court mediation attempts were unsuccessful, it prompted Luo to take matters into her own hands. She showed up on the day of Li’s wedding, disturbed guests by handing out flyers, and posted on social media with the message: “Former wife congratulates ex-husband on taking a concubine.”

The South China Morning Post claims that Luo also displayed a protest flag at the entrance to the residential neighborhood where the wedding was held. It read, “Someone deeply loves my husband, and as his lawful wife, I am here today to propose marriage and accept concubines on his behalf.”

After the embarrassing incident at his wedding, Li later sued Luo three times for defamation and once for child custody. Li ultimately consented to pay the declared compensation by the court in three installments during the court proceeding. Luo then made a public apology for her actions at the wedding on social media.

Social media users’ reactions to the occurrence about the grounds for the divorce and gender equality in the nation were diverse. Someone reportedly said, “The husband got custody and paid support, so why is there still monthly alimony? “, according to the magazine. Without a doubt, the man cheated first. He eagerly complied with the woman’s requests despite having a strong desire for divorce.

A lady in China reportedly stormed her ex-boyfriend’s wedding to another woman during the ceremony earlier in 2019, shocking the attendees and leaving the bride devastated, according to a Daily Mail article from the same year. The bride was upset and quickly left the stage.





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