a city where beer flows instead of water in taps

a city where beer flows instead of water in taps
Taps are there in all our homes. From these we fill water daily and only that. Use water throughout the day. But it should happen that instead of water in the taps, beer starts coming. This thing is surprising but but there is a city in this world where beer will come out of the spout and for this a pipeline is being constructed.
# Belgian authorities are building a two-mile (3.2-kilometer) long pipeline of beer in the streets of the city of Bruges. According to the English channel 'CNN' report on Sunday, the pipeline laying work is expected to be completed by the end of this year.
# In the pipeline, beer will be filled from the brewery at a speed of 4,000 liters per hour at its bottling plant located outside the city. It started crowdfunding to raise an estimated cost of $4.5 million. The biggest donor to the project is Philippe Le Loup, who donated $11,000.
# Many people have voluntarily proposed to remove pipelines from near their homes before us. Their only condition is that they have a beer dispenser. Officials said that the pipeline is not being laid so that people can juggle private beer spouts inside their homes. It is being laid to solve the problem of transportation.

Why do dogs target only the tire and pole of the car, what is the reason

Why do dogs target only the tire and pole of the car, what is the reason
Dogs are always loyal to their master, it is known to all. We all must have seen dogs at some point or the other, urinating on an electric pole or a car tire and making it wet, but have any of you ever wondered why dogs choose only these two places.
Social reasons behind urinating on tires and poles:
Dogs are also more social than other animals. There is also a social reason behind urinating on car tires and electric poles. By urinating in such places, dogs leave their scent for other dogs.
Leaves smell for other dogs:
Dogs prefer places to urinate that are upright. Due to this, their target is accurate and they become lighter freely. Not only this, with this unique action, they leave the smell of their urine at the height of the nose for other dogs.
The smell of urine is present longer on the vertical surface than on the horizontal surface. With this habit of his, he probably gives information about his area to other dogs. This also means that he also introduces other dogs to his area.