A court in Gurugram becomes a swimming pool due to heavy rain

Heavy rains have been recorded in Noida, Delhi, and Gurugram during the last several days. Water has overtaken several areas, making travel difficult. As a result, images from the Gurugram district court are being widely shared. The court has the impression of being submerged in rains and like a swimming pool. Online images of kids playing in it as though it were a temporary swimming pool have gone a court in gurugram becomes a swimming pool due to heavy rain download 2023 07 12t181335.216

The Delhi-NCR region were flooded as a result of the intense rains. The officials also issued a high rain warning. On the internet, there are increasing numbers of videos and images showing flooded roads, drowned cars, and people stumbling while trying to move in the downpour. Due to this, several schools were also closed. The DAV Public School principal said in a statement on July 9 that “due to continuous rains, roads are saturated and commuting is exceedingly difficult. As a result, under the District Authorities’ directives, schools will be closed on July 10 to ensure the safety of the pupils. The police also asked the locals to remain inside and only go for essential tasks.

The Gurugram government also sent out a work-from-home recommendation to private and corporate establishments. According to the announcement, “All corporate offices and private institutions in the district are advised to encourage their employees to Work from Home tomorrow, on July 10; so that traffic congestion can be avoided and repair/restoration of civic amenities can be carried out smoothly by Government agencies.”

Although it is bringing much-needed reprieve from the oppressive heat, the rain is also starting to raise questions. According to reports, pumps were clearing the flooded highways. The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram and the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority were criticized by the inhabitants of Gurugram for delaying taking action.




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