A DU student dances to Katrina Kaif’s “Aithey Aa in Saree” and lights up the stage

The University of Delhi is well-known for its academic programs as well as for extracurricular activities such yearly festivals, goodbye parties, and freshmen parties. Many students enroll in their preferred institutions at the University of Delhi each year. Parties for freshmen and seniors are important because they help students become more confident and creative.

A lot of fun activities like ramp walks, traditional, fusion, contemporary, and vocal performances often go hand in hand with them. Online, a video of a college student at a Freshers party dancing to Katrina Kaif’s famous song Aithey Aa is becoming quite popular. People were won over to the video.

A college student dancing on stage to the song Aithey Aa is shown in the opening scene of the video. She is wearing a similar top and a solid red saree. She does the hook dance from Katrina’s smash song later in the video, leaving the crowd roaring.

According to reports, the film is from the Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB) department’s freshmen party at Delhi University’s Bharati College. The assistant professor at Delhi University, @anushka_fitness, posted the video on her Instagram account. “Wait for that Ooo itthhee aaa,” said the caption on the post. “Red saree supremacy” is another caption included with the video.

More than 37,000 people have seen the post, and the number of likes is continuously rising. The video became viral as soon as it was released because of how quickly people responded to it. In the post’s comments area, several people praised the youngster, while others responded with words and emojis that showed heart and passion. In the post’s comments section, a student added the college’s name, writing, “Bharati College gonna viral.” Another commented, “Excellent.” A third said, “Beautiful dance in a red saree.”

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