A farmer in Gurugram attempts to purchase cows at a reduced price, but loses Rs. 22,000 in an online scam

Cyber fraud incidents are increasing; many examples have been recorded. There has been further news lately about another upsetting case of internet fraud. A 50-year-old Pandala, Gurugram, dairy farmer was tricked by online scammers when he tried to buy cows at a reduced price. In the course of buying cows, he lost twenty thousand rupees. According to Hindustan Times, the Gurugram farmer paid Rs 22,000 in four installments on January 19 and 20.

According to the article, Sukhbir, a farmer, stumbled across an internet advertisement selling four cows for Rs 95,000, a tempting bargain compared to the typical market figure of Rs 1 lakh. He didn’t realize he had been tricked until much later.

Parveen, Sukhbir’s thirty-year-old son, described the event. Parveen said that his father was using his phone to view YouTube videos. After that, he found a number and called them—possibly via Google or an advertising. After that, the con artists gave him pictures of calves to choose from and demanded Rs 35,000 for one. Finally, an offer of four cows for Rs 95,000 was made to him.

According to the article, an individual or individuals in question is the target of a case filed under sections 419 and 420 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) related to cheating.

A farmer from Gwalior tried to purchase a buffalo online from Sharma Dairy Farm in Jaipur in March 2023, but he was duped out of Rs 87,000. After viewing a Facebook advertising, Hotam Singh Baghel was fascinated by the offer of a buffalo for Rs 60,000. After Singh contacted the owner of the property, he requested Rs 4,200 to move the buffalo from Jaipur to Gwalior.

But when the buffalo didn’t arrive on schedule, Singh was made to pay an extra Rs 12,000 since the owner said the car’s GPS tracker wasn’t functioning. The farmer paid the bill using cash from his wife’s jewelry as he was unaware of online payments. Singh mortgaged his wife’s other jewelry to satisfy the con artist when he raised his demand to Rs 25,000.

When Singh eventually got in touch with the driver when the buffalo still hadn’t shown at his door, the driver informed him that the vehicle had been in an accident and the buffalo had broken its leg. Singh realized he had been tricked when the driver insisted on additional money, and he promptly phoned the police.

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