A Little Boy Singing Badal in a Video Barsa Bijuli Will Make Your Saturday Work More Efficient

Online users are quickly drawn to viral trends, especially those that highlight musical talent. In recent years, a number of amateur singers’ musical performances have become viral. Fans of social media continue to share reels and videos that resonate with people, such as the song “Badal Barsa Bijuli,” which became popular last year. People were so enamored with it that reels with the Nepali music on them took over Instagram.

A video of a little child performing this song has just gone viral. Because many liked the rendition, it has received over 5 million views. “Badal Barsa Bijuli” was the caption that accompanied the Instagram image featuring the little youngster.

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Manang is a picturesque town in Nepal where the video was filmed. The boy’s video had a punch and the perfect tone thanks to the stunning Manang background. The little child was seen sitting among clouds floating in the sky, green grass, and flowers. Social media users complimented the boy’s singing and the town’s attractiveness simultaneously. The moment the video became viral, comments like “Bro lives in paradise” and “Angle in heaven singing the trending song” started to appear.

Similar to this, a while back, a video of a little kid dancing to this Nepali song at a school event went viral and received a lot of positive feedback.

Other pupils at the school were also motivated to join in and demonstrate their dance abilities by this widely shared video. An image of a youngster dancing at St. Xavier’s School in Malda, West Bengal, on Teachers’ Day was posted on Instagram.

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