A man has four more nipples implanted to his body in an extreme mod

To match his natural pair, a guy gets four more nipples inserted to his chest. After contacting body modification specialist Steve Haworth, Harry Hoofcloppen had the strange implants placed in his torso. Four months after the silicone implants healed, Harry went to tattoo artist Angell to have them colored to seem more natural.

4 nipples are added to the man’s body.
On social media, Angell shared a video of him getting the bodily alteration tattooed. He acknowledged that “people have a lot to say” and that the surgery was “super controversial.”

Prior to having the body alteration treatment done, Hoofcloppen apparently sought advice from a plastic surgeon about the location of the additional nipped.

It seems that Hoofcloppen was “not allowed” to position the additional nipples in their natural locations.

Hoofcloppen also uploaded a video in which his nipples were flaunted. On social media, he said, “Trans buddies! Would you want to use this innovative 3D reconstructive nipple technology for someone you love or for YOUR top surgery? Please assist in spreading the news so that everyone in need may easily access this strategy.

Observers posted the following: “Sooooo cool,” said one person. In addition to the significance of this for transgender people and breast cancer survivors, The six-nipple appearance is very nasty and awesome. Someone another said, “This is incredible!” This idea seems wonderful, and I will surely be checking into it for myself. It seems like just what I desire.

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