A man leaps from an eight-story building to the ground, terrifying the internet

This guy became famous on social media for his lethal prank, acting as if he only had “eight more lives” to live. After seeing a video showing him SWINGING down from an eight-story building, people were both alarmed and alarmed when the video became viral online. The video is even more terrifying to watch since the guy completed the feat in only 27 seconds. Most individuals found the film offensive and chastised the guy for pulling off the trick. A lot of internet users also thought back to the previous mishaps that occurred as a result of some daredevils not “prioritizing” their “safety.” viral 2

The user “crazyclipsonly” published the post on X, a social networking platform that was once known as Twitter. “It’s faster than taking the stairs,” the caption reads on the post.

The video went viral as soon as it was posted online, alarming many. Some termed the act dangerous and encouraged people to quit risking their lives for “fun,” while the majority of people condemned it and called it a “shortcut to heaven.” The guy was also criticized by several for the prank, calling it “ridiculous.” After being posted two days ago, the video had 3 million views.

Many offered their opinions in the comment area. One person commented, “This is wild… C’mmon now.” Another laughed, “I’ve been doing this for years.” “Someone will eventually find out if he keeps going,” said a third. A fourth individual said, “This is risky; one mistake and it would be a different story entirely.” “Definitely the stairs to Heaven,” said a fifth user. Sixth person: “Don’t do it, it’s a terrible idea.”

“Try it in the pool first, before you take on this dude’s risky journey,” a seventh person advised. “Where did this incident occur?” inquired the next person.

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