A stranger’s face was said to have “blood drained out” by the model since she decided not to have children

When an Australian model said that she and her husband don’t want to have children, she shared the reaction of an unknown person. The owner of the bikini brand Moana Bikini, Karina Irby, posted about the exchange on social media.

Irby claimed to have seen “the blood drain out of her face” when she informed the lady that she had no intention of having children.

Irby described the woman as a “super friendly, really nice lady” after engaging in “some small talk” with her. But then the discussion went in a surprising direction.

The bikini model is against having kids.
“I see you’re married. How old are you?” the lady said.

“Oh, you’re getting on,” the lady replied to Irby when she revealed her age. Thus, you have to be a parent.

“No, no kids,” Irby shot back. In actuality, my spouse and I are not expecting a kid.

After then, chaos ensued.

“Well darling, what are you going to do with your life?” the lady then asked Irby.

“Obviously nothing, because women who don’t have children don’t have a life,” the model joked in the video.

Then the lady said, “Oh, okay. And you don’t believe that you will regret it later? When you are elderly, who will look after you?

“To be taken care of when I’m older is not something I would ever choose to have children for,” Irby said. Additionally, just so you know, having kids doesn’t ensure that you’ll be taken care of when you’re older.

Irby described the discussion as “confronting.”

“This was the most uncomfortable conversation I’ve ever had with a stranger,” the model said in the description of the video. READY TO REGIME, NOT LOOKING FOR KIDS🙃 Please understand that I value parents and I adore children. However, it doesn’t imply I should or should not desire that life. Can we all just embrace and appreciate the fact that everyone makes various decisions in life? Nobody is superior than anyone else.

Other ladies who do not want to have parents spoke about how they are asked “insane” questions and get “weird looks.” One lady described it as “frustrating” since she is often questioned about it. Someone another said, “It takes so much energy to explain.”

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