A student who wants to avoid “high” house rent takes a plane to college twice a week

Tim Chen, a University of British Columbia (UBC) student, has ignited controversy by disclosing his unusual method of cutting rent. Tim Chen, a Canadian who lives in Calgary, claims that flying to Vancouver twice a week for lessons is less expensive than renting an apartment in Vancouver.

Tim Chen wrote about his experience on Reddit, stating that his plan is to attend UBC for two courses a week, which means he can only be on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He doesn’t need to book lodging in Vancouver since he takes an early morning flight from Calgary to Vancouver and returns the same day. Chen claims that by taking this method, he can continue to live with his parents in Calgary and pay very little for utilities, which saves him money on rent.

Chen’s round-trip airfares cost around $150 (about Rs 9200), for a total monthly cost of about $1200 (nearly Rs 73000). By contrast, the monthly rental cost of a one-bedroom condo in Vancouver may come to around $2100 (about Rs 1,20,000). After Chen posted about his trip on Reddit, some people praised him for his cost-cutting strategies while others questioned the viability and sustainability of making regular flying travel.

You can really do it, said one user. Good airline prices would cost far less than rent, food, and other expenses, and the travel is rather short.

“That just shows what an absurd situation we are all in in the lower mainland,” said a another commenter.

A third person said, “That doesn’t really make sense,” in the meanwhile. $100 one way * two round trips * two days a week * four weeks = $1600. It’s a respectable amount for rent.

Another user said, “Bro, just look for cheap rent.” You may get decent deals on rent for less than $1000 if you keep an eye on Craigslist.

There is much evidence of Vancouver’s high cost of living, especially when it comes to housing. Vancouver is Canada’s most costly city for renters, with the average one-bedroom property listed at $2,872 (approximately Rs 1,70,000) and the average two-bedroom unit at $3,777 (about Rs 2,30,000), according to research by and Urbanation dated October 2023. The trend of fewer individuals aiming to become homeowners was also underlined in the research, which is raising rent rates.

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