A viral video shows wild canines watching a lion kill their “brother,” to which the internet responds

A stunning wildlife encounter between a powerful lion and wild canines has been recorded on camera by Balule Nature Reserve guide Nhlanhla Nkuna in South Africa. The video has gone viral. After being shared with Latest Sightings, the video was uploaded to their YouTube channel last week, and it has now received over 2 million views.

The story was recounted by Nhlanhla, who described how the lion’s attention being diverted to a steenbok caused an apparent serene scenario of it relaxing in the shade to swiftly develop. The little antelope escaped the lion’s grasp and vanished into the underbrush. Nhlanhla was intrigued by the abrupt change in circumstances and quickly discovered that a troop of wild dogs was pursuing the steenbok.


The wild dogs had no idea that the lion was hiding in the woods, waiting to pose a threat. The lion launched an unexpected and quick assault, snatching the first wild dog by the neck as it came closer.

Nhlanhla described the agonizing incident as follows: “The untamed dog gave a whine and a yelp. There was nothing he could do once he was discovered.”

The other two wild dogs raced to the scene after hearing their packmate’s distress sounds. When the two dogs realized that one of their own had been taken, they turned to intimidation, snarling and barking at the large lion.

In spite of their heroic attempts, the lion did not back down and held on to the caught wild dog. Nhlanhla said, “The massive male just maintained his solid grasp on the wild dog’s neck, knowing that the dogs could not hurt him. This was the final kick the wild dog would ever give, and it was also the last time its life would ever whimper. Clearly beaten, the other dogs did nothing except stand and observe.”

Wildlife aficionados are having strong conversations over the video. The power of the lion has astounded viewers; one person said, “It’s amazing how he just grabbed him with one paw.” Such power this lion has.” Another person said, “I’m shocked that the wild dogs didn’t at least attempt to nip the lion,” expressing astonishment that the canines didn’t try to confront the lion. They were quite afraid to approach him.”

Another observer said, “The expression on the lion’s face is classic,” emphasizing the compelling dynamics of this untamed encounter.

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