A Woman’s Internet Dating Viral Story Should Serve As A Warning To All of Us

In the current society, relationships may be rather risky. Social media platforms’ ease of use has made it possible for strangers to interact, talk, and build bonds—bonds that sometimes develop into love relationships. But the benefits also come with the risks of faked information, phishing, and catfishing.

A lady who married a “pathological liar” of a guy and suffered dire repercussions has been spreading the word about the dangers of putting your confidence in strangers you meet online. In a 50-part, eight-hour TikTok series, she captivated viewers with her startling tale by declaring that her ex-partner was a “narcissist” and “the United Nations of red flags.”

Using her ex-husband’s name, “Legion,” she uploaded the first video on February 13. She disclosed the details of his family members, documents, and even fabricated personal information. According to NBC News, the lady revealed in the series “Who did I marry?” that she had met her ex-husband in March 2020, before to the Covid-19 lockdown. He claimed to be divorced yet wanted to settle down on their first dates, according to her. Before long, they were sharing her condo throughout the quarantine. But shortly after, things started to become worse.

When her ex was asked to provide evidence of finances by real estate agents, he did not cooperate. He also made up information about his salary, relationship with his ex-wife and children, and even his work title, she continued. Additionally, the unidentified individual would answer “fake phone calls” from his brothers and coworkers. When the lady requested his ex’s social security number to apply for a new job, she discovered that it wasn’t the same as the one he supplied when they applied for their marriage license.

Upon doing an investigation, the content creator located in Atlanta discovered that her ex-partner did not reside in California nor was he employed as a temporary forklift driver. His habit of lying made his family not want to talk to him. She divorced her ex-husband in less than a year, according to Time magazine, without wasting any time.

One TikTok user encouraged the lady to “expose” the individual after seeing the video. Someone another said that they couldn’t “scroll away” from the videos. It was described as “the most organized story” by a third person.

As to NBC News, the lady said that the purpose of starting the series was to help those who have gone through or are going through similar experiences. She was now pursuing her recovery from the horrific event.

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