Adoption notice for a "Jerk Dog" from a New York shelter goes viral

Adoption notice for a "Jerk Dog" from a New York shelter goes viral

A rescue dog named Ralohie was in need of a new home, and the Niagara SPCA, a non-profit animal shelter in Niagara County, New York, made an adoption plea for her. This garnered a lot of attention on social media. The majority of adoption commercials highlight an animal's positive traits, hoping to encourage a prospective family to provide a dog or cat with a loving home. But one particular commercial stood out from the others.

The animal sanctuary posted the advertisement on Facebook. They said in the now-viral post, "We honestly don't have too many pleasant things to say, so we're just going to come out with it." According to the SPCA, "at first impression, he's an adorable much desired little dog." "People should be knocking on our doors looking for him," she said.

"Here is Ralphie. He seems to be a young, gorgeous canine that is in great demand. For him, people need to be pounding on our doors. We assure you that won't happen. A menace in a fairly little box, Ralphie is. With a 26-pound dog, what could possibly go wrong? You're probably saying to yourself, "My ankles will be OK." Proceed at your own risk, we advise "reads the message.

The fact that the dog has already been adopted twice is also mentioned. His original owners found him a new home after an unsuccessful training effort. "His original owners brought him to board and train, but because their relationship was based on Ralphie being in charge, it ended quickly. He found a new home. He was turned over to us after two weeks in this new home because "he upsets our elder dog." Ralphie is a fire-breathing monster that will devour our dog, but hey, he's just 26 pounds, so what did they really mean? "they brought up.

The shelter home mentioned Ralphie's less than acceptable characteristics, calling him "a total jerk." The Niagara SPCA went on to say "He's a complete jerk—not even close. He is the owner of everything. You will face his fury if you try to challenge his control over THE things. If you exhibit a moment of vulnerability, be ready to be taken advantage of."

According to the post, Ralphie's ideal family is the "Mother of Dragons" or an adult household without any other pets, with a head who would discipline him firmly and gently while accepting no bullshit.

Many people commented on the post on social media. "I want to contribute to his adoption price. He's a little bit my spirit animal since I can be domineering and too much for certain people as well "a user stated.

A second individual remarked, "The finest post is this one! Ralphie, good luck finding your permanent home! We are on your side!"

"That adoption article is the funniest I've ever read! Every word is true "said a different user.