After 3 passengers tested positive for COVID-19, the cruise ship was finally freed from the muck

A cruise ship operated by Australia that went aground on Monday and had 206 guests on board has been extricated. The fact that three crew members of the Australian-operated Ocean Explorer tested positive for the extremely infectious COVID-19 virus only made matters worse for the ship that was trapped. In Greenland’s Alps Fjord National Park, the cruise liner was immobile. The Guardian said that while the ship’s owner, Aurora Expeditions, verified the existence of the COVID-19 patients on board, the other guests were not alarmed throughout the duration of the ship’s three-day mudslide. The passengers were said to be in excellent spirits and waiting patiently to be rescued, if the account is to be being a tv actress makes monikka singh feel happy and content she says download 20

The ship went aground on Monday when it was apparently visiting the park around 1400 kilometers north-east of the capital Nuuk. In order to prevent the illness from spreading, they carefully practice social distance when it comes to sick passengers. In isolation, the operator claims they’re in fine shape. The medical staff of the ship is assisting the patients who tested positive with COVID-19.

“We are working hard to break the MV Ocean Explorer free from its grounding. The rescue of the ship without sacrificing safety is our first priority, Aurora said, according to The Guardian. The preventive action comprises informing other passengers—some of whom have allegedly started donning masks in the social section of the ship—about the health emergency.

The Danish navy has undertaken attempts to free the trapped ship. According to reports, a navy ship is already its way to help with the rescue effort. On Friday, it is anticipated to arrive at the destination. The position of the problematic ship has been verified by the force, according to a statement released by naval officials. It has taken them some time to get there since the place is distant from their apartments. But they said, “In this particular circumstance, we do not see any immediate danger to human life or the environment.”

All of the passengers, many of whom are tourists from other nations including South Korea, the USA, and Britain, are said to be safe as of right now. A fishing boat allegedly attempted a rescue attempt to free the trapped vessel on Thursday. On September 1, the cruise ship sailed from Norway for a three-week voyage. The planned return date was September 22.


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