After being married to Pakistan’s Nasrullah, Anju praises the country’s beauty in a new video

Anju in Pakistan: The cross-border love affair between Pakistan-born Nasrullah and India’s Anju, now known as Fatima, seems to be progressing quickly, shocking others with the unexpected turn of events. The newlyweds’ ‘pre-wedding’ shoot went viral, and now another video of the event has surfaced online.

This brand-new advertisement, made by “Nomi Shots,” adopts a cinematic style while simultaneously encouraging travel to Pakistan. However, the fact that Fatima and Nasrullah are there is presently generating news.

In the video, which was uploaded to the “Nomi Shots” YouTube account, Fatima expresses her joy and love for Pakistan’s beauty. According to the caption, “Indian Anju With Nasrullah Pakistan at Upper Dir || She is So Happy Over There in Pakistan.” VIEW VIDEO HERE

The goal of the film is explained at the beginning of the tape, which is then followed with drone footage of beautiful sites. In the film, Fatima and Nasrullah pose for the camera in different locations, and there are brief moments when the pair talks about their travels across the nation. Fatima praises Pakistan’s beauty and the independence she is enjoying there as the video comes to a close.

Anju was an Indian native who was married with two small children before to transforming into Fatima. She told her spouse that she would be spending a few days in Jaipur but ended up traveling to Pakistan. Her departure for Pakistan was only made known to the family after they watched the news on television.

According to media sources, Anju’s father has already declared his disapproval of her and has no intention of asking the Indian government to take her back. Currently 34 years old, Fatima met Nasrullah, her new 29-year-old partner, on Facebook. She is reportedly residing at Nasrullah’s house in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Upper Dir neighborhood.

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