After being overcharged and detained, a parking worker threatens an IPS officer in civil dress in the viral video “Kayde Me Chalo.”

After collecting 60 rupees for a 53 rupee parking ticket, a parking agent reportedly intimidated an IPS officer wearing civilian clothes in a video that went viral on social media, telling him to obey the laws and stating, “Kayde Me Chalo.”

“IPS Abhishek Verma is the SP of Hapur district,” said Sachin Gupta in the description of the video that she posted on social media. He came to Brajghat today in a private automobile, sitting next to the driver. Despite the parking paperwork showing just Rs 53, Rs 60 was actually collected. The IPS officer was instructed to ‘Kayde Me Chalo’ (Follow the rules) by the contractor’s representative.

“At this time, the parking attendant is under police custody,” the caption continues.

Men in the automobile in the viral video question parking attendants about the fees. According to parking staff, it costs sixty rupees. The attendant accepts money from the guys in the vehicle and gives back the change. A man inside the vehicle requests to see the receipt. He looks it over and sees it says 53 rupees. He asks to have 7 more rupees returned. The parking attendant challenges the guys in the vehicle to “Kayde Me Raho” after justifying his decision to charge 60 rupees rather than the 53 rupees shown on the ticket. The guy in the automobile responds, “Thik hai, kayde me rahenge,” after hearing this.

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