After Byju’s failed to initiate a refund, the family takes the office TV home

A family has bravely chosen a non-traditional route to recoup their funds from the massive educational technology company Byju’s. When the family could not get a refund for a tablet and learning software they had not used, they had to take down a TV that they had placed in the company’s office.

The courageous deed is captured in an Instagram video, which shows a father and son team disassembling the TV set as the mother watches on. The family allegedly started the refund request procedure within the allotted time limit, but there were other obstacles to overcome. They resolved to take things into their own hands after weeks of fruitless efforts to come to an agreement.

The family’s annoyance with the situation is evident in the video as they are heard telling the office employees, “Take it when you pay the refund.” The video gained over 2 million views on the social media network in a short amount of time after becoming viral.

A variety of responses were generated by the occurrence, with many people taking a funny view on the circumstances. “Father and son will play PlayStation now that Byju’s subscription has been canceled,” a person said in jest.

Byju’s financial circumstances were brought to light by another, who said, “Byju’s in another loss of Rs 45000 in this financial year F24.”

“That’s why education is important,” a user joked. They neglected to bring the remote.

Byju’s has been dealing with difficulties on many fronts. BlackRock, an investment company, has reduced the value of its stock in Byju’s, bringing the edtech giant’s indicated worth down from $22 billion to $1 billion, as of early 2022. This comes after Byju’s was valued by tech investor Prosus NV in November at less than $3 billion, a substantial decrease from its highest valuation of $22 billion in 2022.

The corporation has had a number of setbacks as a result of its cash flow and governance issues. To compound its troubles, Byju’s got a notification in late November from the Enforcement Directorate (ED) about purported breaches of foreign currency legislation.

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