After eating cake, a girl died, and a civil surgeon ordered an investigation

Civil Surgeon Raminder Kaur has ordered an investigation into the death of a 10-year-old girl who died after consuming a birthday cake, one day after the police charged the baker.

“The girl’s family visited me on Thursday,” said the health official. I advised them to file a formal complaint with the Health Department and the police. Teams of chefs were told to go to the residence and gather cake samples.

Manvi, the female kid, was postmortemed, and her viscera were transported to a laboratory. The Civil Surgeon said that he was awaiting the report.

In the meanwhile, a video of Manvi enjoying her birthday with her family has gone viral. She was seen slicing the cake and enjoying it with other participants in

the household.

The girl’s maternal grandpa, Harbans Lal, beat the Civil Surgeon. He said the family had brought the cake to the department and asked its staff to examine it in a lab and take appropriate action against the baker. But they did nothing, so the family went to the police and filed a complaint, according to Lal.

According to Kajal, the mother of the victim, they celebrated their daughter’s birthday on March 24 and placed an internet cake order. Manvi, a class V student, did well at school, according to his family.

In addition, the family filed a bill, claiming to have placed their order using an application for an online meal delivery service. Lal said that the cake had been consumed by five family members. He said Manvi and her younger sister were sick, while the elderly, who had consumed lesser amounts, felt uneasy and nauseated. Manvi passed away, but her younger sister lived on. He continued by saying that the police had sent samples of the cake and viscera to a lab in Kharar.

Based on the victim’s mother’s testimony, the complaint has been filed under Sections 273 and 304-A of the IPC against a Kahna Bakery store on Peeli Sadak Road in Adalat Bazar, according to the investigating officer, Pavitar Singh. The victim’s postmortem was completed, and the police said that they would take more action after they received the viscera report.

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