After her Tinder partner asks her to pay his electricity bill, a woman ends the relationship

Kendra Roxberry, a 29-year-old Pittsburgh resident, made the decision to break up with Josh, a guy she had met on Tinder. Josh made this choice after asking for help paying his power bill. Kendra was shocked by Josh’s request even though they had been dating for a few months, especially because she had just taken him to a pricey seafood meal the week before. Josh’s request for $376, or around Rs. 31,000, caught Roxberry off guard and didn’t align with her expectations for their relationship.

This, in her opinion, demonstrated Josh’s lack of financial responsibility. Josh allegedly texted, “I figured it wouldn’t be an issue since I paid for your seafood boil, lol.”

Roxberry responded by deciding to call it quits on the relationship, saying, “Lol… really? I’m not sure how well this will turn out. I wish you luck! Kennedy News was then told that she had banned Josh’s phone.

Roxberry revealed her dissatisfaction to Kennedy News, adding, “I had high expectations for the relationship as things were moving quite well.” She thought they clicked well with Josh, calling him nice, intelligent, and attractive.

She made it clear, however, that she wasn’t exploiting Josh for his money and that she was prepared to make financial contributions to the partnership. “It seems like we were on par,” she said. I didn’t anticipate him footing the bill and using me for his money. I would pay for stuff and love his company.

Roxberry said she didn’t want to feel compelled to provide financial assistance, even if she was eager to help. “I wish he would have approached it differently instead of expecting me to do it,” the woman said.

While acknowledging that the incident had saddened her, Roxberry expressed gratitude for having seen the warning signs early.

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