AI images transform Stone Cold, HHH, and other WWE superstars into store employees

WWE fans have seen a lot of the friendly but lethal wrestling competition. They have watched their favorite fighter win the title after coming from nothing, and they have said goodbye to some of the biggest stars who went on to become household names in other professions like acting. However, something new that no one anticipated has appeared online. Yes, an AI artist created some images of WWE stars working as Walmart workers by conjuring up one of the craziest combos. The AI artist posted intriguing images on social media including HHH, John Cena, Dwayne Johnson, and more, and the post quickly went viral.

The user ‘NoinePiecesOfVinyl’ published the AI-generated photos on Reddit. The headline of the piece was “If WWE Superstars Worked for Walmart, generated by AI.” Roman and HHH certainly seem like they’d fit in Electronics, attempting to sell Straight Talk mobile phones, said the description. Seth seems to be the ideal candidate for the job of cart boy or overnight stock. Vince is definitely a greeter, while Hulk seems to be in charge of loss prevention. Without a doubt, Stone Cold is in charge of Tire and Battery.

The tweet gained a lot of attention and won over internet users, particularly WWE fans. The majority laughed at the AI-generated scenario of WWE stars working for Walmart while being wowed with the images. Additional recommendations on which fighter would work for which department were made by many. Three days after being uploaded, the images on Reddit, which were obtained from a Facebook post, gained 866 upvotes.

In the comment section, individuals voiced their opinions. One user exclaimed, “I dare anyone to ask Kane for a price check!” “John Cena seems like the kind of guy who would toss away my boxed Caesar salad and give me the supplies and instructions for a hearty Cobb salad. Another individual said, “Stone Cold seems to have abandoned the Steve-weisers in favor of the Big Brother scheme. “HH is quite unsettling with the “Walmart” bandana and the saggy eyes. Brother,” a third user added. Stone Cold is not a tire and battery, sir. According to a fourth online user, he would be in the Guns/Outdoor area. A fifth person said, “Picture Daniel Bryan and Kane in Walmart.” This would make a great television program. The next person added, “Like superstore but with wrestlers lol.”

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