An IndiGo passenger claims that when the flight was delayed, diabetic patients were “forced” to eat sugary food

After spending money and making our reservations well in advance, we all want a hassle-free and enjoyable vacation experience. But these days, we hear tales of how flying has turned into a difficult ordeal for travelers. One such story that surfaced recently was about a lady called Swati Singh, who over the weekend traveled with IndiGo and encountered a difficult situation.

The lady used social media to vent her annoyance and draw attention to the uncomfortable circumstances that she and the other passengers went through during a lengthy flight delay. Due to their IndiGo flight’s delay, Swati Singh described how she spent many hours stuck at the airport. She also said in her complaint that passengers with diabetes had to deal with the discomfort of the delay by eating sugary meals to control their condition.

“Diabetic patients were compelled to consume sugary meals to cope with the discomfort of another IndiGo flight delay. “We have no option,” is the manager’s response. When the average person is suffering, why is the aviation ministry not penalizing large companies like IndiGo Airlines? In her post, she wrote:.

The traveler further uploaded a video of an elderly lady speaking with an IndiGo employee at the airport desk. The lady voiced her annoyance, claiming that the flight delay had caused significant, critical responsibilities to be postponed. She said they will be taking the issue up with the chairman of IndiGo in Delhi.

Her previous experiences with IndiGo were not without incidents. She disclosed that she had missed her journey to Seattle, USA, due to IndiGo canceling her connecting flight in an earlier social media post.

The airline’s answer to Singh’s complaint, in which the manager allegedly said they had no other alternatives, only served to exacerbate her dissatisfaction. In particular, she questioned the lack of responsibility from airlines like IndiGo, and she questioned the efficacy of India’s Aviation Minister in resolving such concerns.

IndiGo customer support responded to Swati Singh’s complaint by apologizing for the inconvenience and asking for specifics about her travel so they could help her further. They promised to look into the situation right away in order to allay her worries and reassure her that such incidents were not typical of the airline.

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