An Indonesian woman discovers that as a little child, she attended her husband’s prior wedding

Unfathomable turns of events may happen to anyone, even in the shape of partners or marriages. The most unusual one was undoubtedly that of an Indonesian lady who revealed that she had been to her husband’s prior wedding as a little girl.

The South China Morning Post said that Renata Fadhea, a 24-year-old lady from Bangka Island, is married to a guy who is 38 years her senior. She just learned that, at the age of nine, she had attended one of his prior marriages fifteen years before. According to the claims, they got back in touch over ten years later.

Renata Fadhea shared the strange information with the world on Tiktok, where it has received over 7.1 million views. In the now-viral video, a group shot from her husband’s previous 2009 wedding is shown. The nine-year-old Fadhea is seen standing close to her future spouse.

Fadhea also said that, while they were distant relations, she attended the wedding as a guest. Her spouse is the nephew of her aunt, according to further information on the internet.

The mature couple got together in 2019 and got married in 2020. Their kid is in their care. Fadhea was looking through her husband’s album from their second marriage when she came upon the picture. She also said that he and his now-ex-wife split up in 2011. According to the claims, he has another child from his previous marriage.

Reactions to Renata’s findings on the internet are divided. “See?” wrote the first user. The presence of funds is the determining factor, regardless of the 38-year age gap. “I don’t understand, but I hope he does not get divorced this time,” said a second user. “Met by chance, when a child reunites as an adult, it’s fate,” said a third user. The young lady said that she and her spouse are content and have a nice life together.

Early marriage is quite prevalent in Indonesia. UNICEF research states that some women are married before turning 18. They speculate that it may be because of religious beliefs, poverty, or a lack of knowledge.

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