As Desis get ready for 35 lakh weddings in three weeks, memes take over the internet

India is getting ready for its much anticipated great celebration, the wedding season, as the holiday season draws near. Forecasts for 2023 show that the wedding sector would grow, with over Rs 4.25 lakh crore expected to be collected, given that 35 lakh marriages are scheduled for this year. According to the Confederation of All India Traders (CIAT) report, these numbers represent a record high. The first part of the season begins on November 23 and runs until December 15. However, users of social media platforms have gone crazy, uploading memes and hilarious remarks in response to the news that this record-breaking number of marriages has the worse mental health was seen in those who strictly adhered to the covid 19 loc

After the first half of the wedding season ends, the second half is scheduled to begin in mid-January and go through July. There’s talk that this phase will top the 35 lakh marriages that occurred before. Whether you’re getting married, going to marriage-related events, or you’re just watching other people get married on social media, these memes and hilarious replies will make you smile.

Some interesting facts emerge from a breakdown of wedding expenses, as published by Money Control. An estimated Rs 10 lakh would be spent on each of the 12 lakh marriages that are anticipated. Furthermore, it’s possible that 6 lakh marriages will cost Rs 25 lakh each. Furthermore, it is anticipated that 50,000 weddings would cost Rs 50 lakh each, and that an additional 50,000 weddings will need a budget of at least Rs 1 crore.

The National President of CAIT, B C Bhartia, said in a statement: “This season is expected to see over 3.5 lakh weddings in Delhi alone, which is expected to generate a business of roughly Rs 1 lakh Crore in Delhi itself.” About 32 lakh marriages were held in the same time frame last year, with projected costs of Rs 3.75 lakh crore.

In order to meet the influx of clients during the wedding season, traders are taking great effort to make sure all plans are current. They claim that around 20% of the costs associated with the marriage go to the bride and groom, while the other 80% are paid to the several organizations who organize the ceremonies. A plethora of locations, including banquet halls, hotels, open lawns, community centers, public parks, and farmhouses, are ready to host the lavish festivities.

Aside from vendors and venue operators, a number of experts in the food, DJ, photography, and décor industries are anticipated to make significant profits this year.


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