As fans attempt to take selfies with Naseeruddin Shah, a viral video appears

New Delhi: This morning, actor Naseeruddin Shah arrived in Delhi, and something about it didn’t sit right with him. The seasoned actor became enraged with the admirers who pursued him to take a photo on Saturday morning as he was leaving the Delhi airport. The actor is seen berating admirers (or photographers?) who approach him for a picture in a video that has gone viral.

Most likely in an attempt to blend in with the throng, Shah completely covered himself with a woolen shirt, a mask, a hat, and a shawl. Nevertheless, a few of admirers were able to identify him, began taking his photos, and asked him to take a selfie. The actor advised them to go as he didn’t appear to be in the best of moods. Shah urged them they should get something straight now since they were ruining his mood. “Aap logo ne kharab kar diya. Aap log ek dafa baat samajhte nahi hain. [You’ve made me feel bad. Why don’t you grasp things immediately]?” he said.

See Naseeruddin Shah berating fans at the airport in Delhi:

The actor was informed by the fans and the paparazzi that they would leave and not to ask him for a picture, as shown in the video. But the actor continued to stroll angrily, seemingly in no better mood. The actor was heading towards the parking lot outside the Delhi airport, one hand clutching a book.

Shah recently made a speech in which he criticized the Hindi film business and said that he dislikes watching Hindi movies these days since they all seem the same. He added that because we aren’t producing anything noteworthy or innovative at the moment, we should cease being proud that our theater is a century old.

In the meanwhile, Naseeruddin Shah is going to start filming “Ul Jalool Ishq,” a movie in which Vijay Varma, Sharib Hashmi, and Fatima Sana Shaikh are all playing significant parts. Vibhu Puri will be directing, while designer Manish Malhotra is making his producing debut. The movie also signifies the reuniting of Vishal Bhardwaj and Gulzar, the writer-lyricist-music composer team who will be in charge of choosing the soundtrack.

What do you think of Shah’s widely shared airport video?

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