Asian Family Attacked By Teens On New York Subway Train In Potential Hate Crime

aboard August 3 aboard a subway train, New York City saw what may have been a hate crime against a four-member Asian family, including two youngsters. According to authorities, the incident happened on a F train in Greenwich Village when the Young family was visiting from Nevada. The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is now hunting for the three teenage females who allegedly made “anti-ethnic references” to the family before assaulting them, according to CBS News.

After a video showed three girls attacking a family on social media, the event was made public. Joanna Lin, a third party who couldn’t merely watch the family being tormented, captured the viral footage. Lin posted the video on her Instagram account.

According to Sue Young, the mother of the family, who was interviewed by CBS News, the incident started when one of the three girls began disparaging and pointing fingers at the family.

Lin took notice of the situation and began to videotape it all from a distance. One of the teenagers assaulted the lady once she was discovered to be filming shortly after. Lin was reported as saying, “She raced over, grabbed me by the hair, pushed me on the ground and began hitting me numerous times. Young ran to aid Lin while she was being attacked and pushed the assailant aside; however, the girl then turned on Young.

“My spectacles were damaged. Because my hair was yanked, my scalp was really sore, and I’ve had a headache for a few days,” Young was reported as saying.

Finally, other riders stepped up to assist the victims, and everyone got off the train at the next stop. Many people have been startled by the occurrence, and the victims are looking for justice. The incident is being looked into, and the police have provided hotlines on which individuals may leave tips or any other information. The teenage ladies who committed the attack are wanted by the police.

The NYPD reports that hate crimes against Asians have considerably decreased this year.


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