At ICW 2023, a gay model enters the building wearing a Falguni Shane Peacock lehenga

In the twenty-first century, shattering taboos and preconceptions has become the most popular trend. People are abandoning traditional ways of living and beginning to embrace and comprehend what “live and let live” means. The fashion business is the most upbeat example of the “live and let live” philosophy.

When we talk about fashion, we cannot ignore the events taking place during the current India Couture Week 2023. The opening day of fashion week, which began on July 25, garnered the most of the headlines. No, it was a homosexual model named Rabanne Jamsandekar Victor who stole the show in a glittering lehenga created by none other than Falguni Shane Peacock, not some B-town queen.

Although Kiara Advani stole the show in Falguni Shane Peacock’s production, making us all seem like actual Barbies in sparkling pink dresses, Rabanne Jamsandekar Victor was the model who really captured the audience. Victor smoothly walked the runway when the Peacocks, Falguni & Shane, debuted their couture collection, “Renaissance Reverie,” while donning a lovely golden lehenga with a tint of peach.

Victor walked in the fish-cut lehenga and looked stunning. Victor performed the whole routine flawlessly, with the dupatta lying on his arm and the veil pushed up to his chest. VIEW PHOTOS HERE

At ICW 2023, a gay model enters the building wearing a Falguni Shane Peacock lehenga.

Jamsandekar Rabanne Victor has worked with a number of prestigious labels, including Sabyasachi, making him a well-known figure in the fashion business. The model was moreover able to enter a new phase of his profession at the start of India Couture Week as he wore the lehenga.

Victor described his challenges and life before being famous, saying that he began working at the age of 27. The model first encountered several challenges due to her naturally thin frame. However, with the fashion business expanding its boundaries, there is still more to come for models like Victor and others who want to shatter long-standing conventions.

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