Auto Accident at Lodhiya Kund People in MP’s Indore rescue passengers by diving into the water

After their automobile crashed into the waterfall in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a father and daughter pair narrowly avoided drowning thanks to the quick actions of bystanders. On August 6, the event took place close to Lodhiya Kund, a well-liked picnic area in the Indore district.

After a family visited Indore’s Lodhiya Kund, the occurrence started to take place. The automobile was parked close to the cliff’s edge. The automobile skidded and tumbled 15 meters down the tiny cliff because he forgot to use the hand brake.

‘sanjay_desai_26’ posted a video of the event on the microblogging website X (formerly Twitter). The post’s caption in Hindi read, “Goosebumps incident in Indore,” approximately. The family had gone on a picnic when the car crashed in Lodhiya Kund. Watch the video to learn how people rescued the lives of a father and daughter.

A Honda Brio automobile was shown in the video driving down a cliff and hitting a boulder nose-first. The automobile was also seen falling into the pond in the footage. Additionally, a person was observed falling into the ocean as they attempted to stop the automobile from driving too close to the edge.

As soon as possible, several others dived into the river to rescue the car’s occupants. A guy wearing a red shirt dove into the water, swam towards the individuals who were drowning, and rescued them.

The car’s driver faced a lot of backlash from online users who accused him or her of parking in an inappropriate location. People vented their rage in the comments area.

How did it occur. We thank God that they were rescued. “How did the vehicle crash? Another worried netizen questioned, “No handbrake or were they negligent? A third user commented, “Were they trying to park car over the edge of the waterfall?”


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