Bengaluru Autorickshaw Made ‘Bad’ Product Review Public in a Hilarious Way, Amusing Internet

There’s a certain beauty to these streets that you won’t find anyplace else, so tell me you’re in Bengaluru without really telling me. The city known as the IT center of India thrives on adding a dash of “innovation” to ordinary street situations, whether it’s a person ordering pizza in the middle of traffic or someone multitasking on their laptop. This mentality was well captured in a recent event when a person saw an autorickshaw proudly advertising its own “bad” rating on the back, completely upending the idea of product endorsements and igniting a flurry of glee on the rs 1 crore penalty for each product with false claim supreme court takes a strong

On the social networking site “X,” a user going by the handle @followdcounsel posted a picture of an auto-rickshaw with the unvarnished caption, “Worst vehicle don’t buy,” emblazoned right on the outside. Instead of boosting the goods, this unorthodox strategy produced a “Peak Bengaluru” moment that caught many off guard.

The banner said, “What an inventive way to tell others not to buy a bad product!,” echoing the sentiment. Simple #NammaBengaluru items. His revelation that the humor “gets better in Kannada…he’s written Kachara gaadi hai, mat kharido” demonstrated how universally relatable it is.

Users expressed their gratitude and amusement at the post’s rapid notice. A user said, “How sweet,” while another made a humorous comparison to “community service.”

A similar strategy was used in the past by another autorickshaw driver in Bengaluru to liven up the busy streets of the city. This time, the driver painted the words “Love is like a walk in the park” on the rear of the car, sending a more mysterious yet amusing message. The clever subtext behind the apparently simple statement was revealed when the term “Jurassic Park” was playfully placed in red letters underneath. It was a funny surprise.

Would you agree that Bengaluru auto-rickshaws are the street stand-up comedians, telling jokes, sarcastically teasing, and displaying their gregarious personalities?


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