Big disaster coming from space to Earth, NASA has issued an alert

Big disaster coming from space to Earth, NASA has issued an alert

Asteroids have been a threat to the Earth for a long time. Scientists believe that if the asteroid collides with the Earth, then there can be great destruction in the world. It is said that the large asteroid that orbits the Earth once collided with the Earth, after which the dinosaurs were wiped out from the Earth. After this, there was a possibility of collision of asteroids passing through the earth several times, but it never happened.

The US space agency NASA has once again expressed the possibility of danger to the Earth from asteroids. According to the prediction of NASA, on 6 June 2022 i.e. Monday, a big asteroid is coming from space toward the Earth. NASA has told that the size of this stone coming from space is three times bigger than the sea blue whale. It will pass near the earth at a speed of 26 thousand km per hour. Let us know whether there is any danger to the Earth from this giant asteroid? Can there be a change in its direction?

Scientists have named this asteroid 2021 GT2 (Asteroid 2021 GT2). According to NASA's prediction, it will pass about 3.5 million kilometers from Earth. Its distance is about ten times greater than the distance between the Moon and the Earth.

Scientists discovered Asteroid 2021 GT2 last year, which has a width of 121 to 272 feet. It is quite big in size. If it hits the ground, it can cause great devastation. This asteroid is included in the category of Aten-class asteroid. This means that it orbits the Sun once in 342 days. The second thing is that the orbit of this asteroid crosses the orbit of this Earth.

Scientists have discovered more than 1800 asteroids of the Aten-class asteroid. Scientists consider them a potential threat to the Earth. Now it will go near the earth for the next time on 26 January 2034. During this tour, it will pass through a distance of 1.45 crore km from the earth.

Space scientists believe that if an asteroid comes within about 46 lakh miles, then it can prove to be dangerous for the Earth. Asteroids are placed in the category of Near Earth Objects. NASA constantly monitors such asteroids. The US space agency studies thousands of asteroids simultaneously. It does this in order to get information about the dangers that may come in the future and save the earth.

Know what is an asteroid

A meteoroid or asteroid is called an asteroid. During the formation of a planet, small pieces of rock come out from it and start orbiting the Sun. Sometimes it happens that it goes out of its orbit. Asteroids usually burn up in planetary orbits, but larger asteroids sometimes collide with planets. The asteroid has also collided with Earth.

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