Chandrika Dixit, Delhi’s Most Popular Vada Pav Girl, Releases Her Debut Song “Darji”; Internet Users React (Watch Video)

Chandrika Dixit, a Delhi-born Vada Pav girl who went viral a few days ago, has been battling with customers on Instagram. She created a trend and became a social media star overnight. Numerous videos of influencers copying her have gone viral. Recently, Chandrika was included in the song Darji. Fans of her first single have responded.


Amandeep Singh is the singer, producer, and performer of the song; Chandrika looks stunning. “Presenting my new song “Darji” by Amandeep Singh featuring the famous “Vada Pav Girl” Chandrika Dixit,” the singer posted on Instagram as she shared her first track.

A user made the following remark in response to the post: “She became so wealthy that she was featured in a music video.” As someone else put it, “Now what will happen to Besan?” She was ridiculed by many, but she also received appreciation for her efforts.

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