Check Your Information: 2016 Kenyan Video Is Misrepresented as a Helicopter Supporter of Modi

Politicians are holding more public gatherings as the 2024 Lok Sabha elections get closer in India. Amidst this upsurge, a video allegedly showing a PM Modi devotee clinging to the helicopter’s landing skid has gone popular on social media. The purpose of this essay is to verify the accuracy of this assertion.

Remark: This video dates back to 2016. A memorial service for a Kenyan businessman was taking place when this tragedy took place in Bungoma, Kenya. A guy known as “Saleh Wanjala” grabbed onto the landing skid of the chopper carrying his lifeless corpse and hung as it took off from the ceremony site. As such, the post’s assertion is untrue. to confirm the claim’s authenticity.

Factly ran some of its keyframes via a reverse image search. They came to the conclusion after their search that Kenya, not India, was the location of this incident. According to press sources, this incident happened in Bungoma, Kenya, at a funeral service for a businessman called Jacob Juma. In conclusion, the guy clinging to a chopper in the widely shared video is an old clip shot in Kenya. It is unrelated to PM Modi or India. This narrative was first released by Factly and then reposted as part of the Shakti Collective by

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