Chinese Student Perishes From Excessive Work for a Game Company

Whether working as an intern or a full-time employee, a new hire is expected to provide their all to the firm. As a result, they overwork themselves, endangering not just their health but even their lives. A Chinese youngster died from overwork, according to a report, and the firm refused to accept up to 20 of delhi universitys courses might be available online via the swayam por

According to the South China Morning Post, the youngster was an undergraduate student who passed away after packing a month’s worth of live-streamed gaming sessions into one. Further reports state that the company has not accepted responsibility for the worker’s death and has simply compensated the family of the dead with 5000 yuan, or Rs 58,750, citing humanitarian concerns. The business is now dealing with criticism on social media for its careless behavior.

Li Hao, an undergraduate student at Ping Ding Shan Vocational and Technical College in Henan Province, Central China, was recognized. According to the sources, on November 10, just after concluding his last gaming session, he unexpectedly died away. According to his father, Li Hao began working for the firm as a six-month intern in the middle of October. “He had actively pursued internship opportunities since the summer,” he continued. He informed us in the middle of October that he had found work in Zhengzhou as a game livestreamer, where he would be paid 3,000 yuan per month.

He went on to say that his kid began experiencing issues on November 10 at approximately five o’clock in the evening. An ambulance was sent after his roommate discovered that he was breathing quickly while still sleeping. They attempted CPR on him following the doctor’s instructions, but they were unable to rescue him.

There have been claims that Li Hao performed 89 live-streaming sessions between October 15 and November 10. After November 5, he worked through the night on these sessions. He worked a session from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. the night before he died, which was also his sixth straight overnight shift.


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