Corpse flowers: These are the world's largest flowers, spread in 4 square feet

Corpse flowers: These are the world's largest flowers, spread in 4 square feet
Till date you must have seen many beautiful and fragrant flowers, but today we are telling about the largest flowers in the world which are seen in the forests of West Central Sumatra, Indonesia. According to wildlife officials, its name is Reflecia. This flower is of sky and white color and is spread over 4 square feet. The structure of male and female flowers is similar. It is a parasitic plant. It smells very bad.

World's Largest Flower:

This flower is divided into five parts. In the middle of the dal chakra is the pylinous wreath, which is attached to the ovary at the base. The smell present in the pylinous wreath attracts insect moths, as soon as the insect comes in contact with the flower, it falls and dies. With this, they are able to polynet it. This flower is also known as 'corpse flower' by the locals.

What is its features:

This flowering plant has no leaves and roots. This flower blooms only in a few months of the year. These flowers start blooming in October and continue to bloom till March. The age of a flower is 65 days. A week before it ends, it starts to turn black and smells bad.

Here the house lockers of the ashes are also houseful, Haridwar will go through the Moksha Kalash Yojana

Here the house lockers of the ashes are also houseful, Haridwar will go through the Moksha Kalash Yojana

These days, the sequence of deaths of people in the Corona epidemic is not taking its name. The lockers of the urn in the crematorium of Barmer are now houseful in the cremation grounds in the cremation ghats amid queues to burn the dead bodies. The bones, which have been waiting for the holy waters of the Ganga for a long time, will now go to Haridwar under the Moksha Kalash Yojana.

Bone locker also became houseful

In the Kovid-19 pandemic, the cremation grounds are running out of space and people are waiting hours for their dead bodies. Already the crematorium of the Barmer district headquarters, 77 bodies have been burnt here since a fortnight of public discipline. 50% of whom were people who lost their lives due to Kovid infection. Barmer lockers in Barmer at the crematorium are now houseful.

Haridwar will go through Moksha Kalash scheme

Now the situation has become such that the Shamsan Vikas Samiti does not have lockers to keep the ashes. In such a situation, the bones are being kept in the wooden box itself. The bones lying in the locker of the crematorium have been waiting for the holy water of Haridwar and Ganga for a long time. In such a situation, under the Moksha Kalash Scheme 2020 of Rajasthan Government, two passengers with Moksha Kalash have been allowed free travel from May 5 to go to Haridwar in regular express bus of Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation.

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