Cricket fans can’t stop laughing after seeing an old video of Ravindra Jadeja mimicking Virat Kohli

Ravindra Jadeja is seen impersonating Virat Kohli in a clean video that is now trending on social media. On Reddit, an old video has just reappeared. In the video, Jadeja and Rohit Sharma are seen playing silly charades. Rohit must make the correct guess while Jadeja is playing individuals. When Virat’s name appears on the card, Jadeja grins a bit and immediately begins to imitate him. After a few failed tries, Rohit finally guesses bidhuri on danish ali of the bsps terrorist remark says ls speaker investigating m

In the room, Kohli can be seen giggling with them as they play along. The video has received several views and comments on social media since it was posted.

The rift rumors were at their peak when this video was released, according to a Reddit member. Someone more said, “He should have said “Ben Strokes.”

Another similar video that went viral previously showed Kohli accurately mimicking Bhajji’s gestures as the two of them stood on the field. The video was posted on Reddit, where it quickly gained popularity. Kohli began posing and stretching like Harbhajan as Irfan Pathan was filming him. Fans have praised Kohli for his almost flawless imitation in the video. Pathan can be heard in the background saying, “This is going to go viral,” as Kohli displays his impeccable imitation abilities. Kohli not only mimics Harbhajan’s demeanor but also the way the latter bowls. Finally, Harbhajan shares which portion of the whole impersonation was his favorite.


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