Customer Helps Former BYJU’S Employee Find Employment After He Walks 3 Km To Deliver Food

The delivery person’s goal is to bring your meal to you in a timely manner while avoiding the summer heat, cutting through traffic, or even traveling over flooded roads if it is pouring, while you sit in a completely air-conditioned room and place your order. We often hear tales about the lengths delivery staff would go to in order to get our food to us on time.

Customers often act rudely and negatively toward them when their orders are delayed. However, a woman by the name of Priyanshi Chandel is being praised for her kind act in helping a food delivery man get a better job.

Along with the executive’s picture and educational background, Priyanshi posted the tale on her LinkedIn page. She detailed in the lengthy post how she purchased ice cream from Swiggy and how the delivery partner “took forever” to get there. A young guy was gasping for breath as he sat at the stairway in front of her apartment when her doorbell rang after 30 to 40 minutes.

Sahil Singh, the delivery person, said that he had to walk three kilometers to her order since he lacked a means of transportation.

“I am completely out of money, and it’s all my flatmate’s fault. She used the rest of my money to pay my Yulu and left me in a Rs. 235 debt. I’m out of money to pay my rent. You may assume that I’m just joking, but I have a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), and before returning to Jammu for the duration of covid, I worked at Ninjacart and BYJU’S.

Sahil also informed her that the order would pay him between Rs. 20 and 25, and that he needed to make another delivery by 12 if he didn’t, then he would be sent to make a delivery far away and without a bike.

The delivery man went on to say that he hasn’t eaten anything in a week and just drinks water and tea to stay alive. He said that his only request is for her to help him find employment. Sahil used to make Rs 25,000 each month before to Covid. The 30-year-old said that since his parents are aging, he can’t keep requesting financial assistance from them.

Priyanshi said that all she had to give him at the time was a glass of water and Rs 500. Additionally, the user queried her network whether any positions for an office guy, administrative job, customer service, etc. were vacant. After the tale went popular on social media, she also provided an update saying that Sahil had gotten a job.




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