Days after breast augmentation surgery, the bride-to-be passes away from cardiac arrest

A young Italian lady who had undergone breast augmentation surgery died of heart arrest a few days later. Alessia Neboso, a 21-year-old Italian beautician, wanted to appear flawless for her impending wedding, according to her family. Alessia had long-term partner Mario Lucchesi as her intended spouse. Alessia began experiencing sickness days after the breast implant procedure, according to Daily Mail. The 21-year-old had a high temperature, exhaustion, a cough, weakness, and digestive problems. Her relatives brought her to the Villa dei Fiori Clinic’s emergency department in Acerra, which is close to Naples when her condition began to worsen. She was reportedly in serious condition when she was hospitalized on September 20.

According to Dr. Feliciano Ciccarelli, the other medical professionals on duty saw right once how severe the situation was. Alessia’s functional indicators were all out of whack, her white blood cell count was 17,00, her kidneys were already failing, and she was having trouble breathing, according to the doctor.

Notably, a white blood cell count should be between the usual range of 4,000 to 11,000 cells per microliter. Dr. Ciccarelli said that they performed every test imaginable on her in an effort to find the sepsis.

“We did an ultrasound, a CT scan of the abdomen, and another CT scan of the chest, from which we understood that the problem was coming from the lungs,” Dr. Ciccarelli said.

Alessia was brought to the ICU after being stabilized. She had a heart arrest a few hours later despite medical personnel’s best efforts to keep her alive.

Alessia’s fantasy wedding dress, according to a close acquaintance, would be a stunning low-cut gown that would show off her newly discovered cleavage.

Although her breasts weren’t all that little, the buddy also disclosed that Alessia had a complex over them and said they had counseled against it, but she wouldn’t heed it.

At a facility that specialized in cosmetic surgery, Alessia made the decision to have her breasts enlarged by a few sizes. She had surgery on September 11 and recovered till September 18.

On September 18, she had her initial symptoms, which continued through the following morning and became worse until September 20, when she was transported to the clinic in serious condition.

Police are now looking into a complaint that Alessia’s family has made after becoming saddened. Her parents said that any responsibilities must be revealed and that they seek justice if their daughter died as a result of the physicians’ negligence.


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